Reflections on my first three months as a Lead Pastor


Wow. It is hard to believe my family moved to Apex three months ago.  We’ve been blessed by all of the parties, dinners, cards, and gifts that have come our way.  Apex Baptist Church is a wonderful church which God has used since 1873 as a lighthouse of hope on the corner of downtown Apex, NC. I have the privilege of standing on the shoulders of faithful men who have led this church through the years.

Recently, I took a few moments to reflect on the last three months, here are five things that stuck out to me:

I am more convinced now than ever before of the power of prayer. A pastor is to be a prayer warrior. I have realized how much of a priority prayer must be in my life. Before becoming a lead pastor, I thought I understood the necessity of prayer.  Wow. I have a whole new understanding of the purpose and priority of prayer. I’ve been taught that the more you pray, the more anointing of the Holy Spirit you will experience. I am beginning to feel like I could spend all day in prayer and not get all the way through the matters I want to bring to God in prayer. Prayer is imperative for a Lead Pastor

2. Mentors are priceless!
I had the opportunity to be mentored by a wonderful pastor, Bruce Frank. My second week on the job, I called to apologize for all the times I interrupted his sermon preparation. I am not sure I can place an appropriate value on the wisdom that he poured into me. I have been in multiple meetings and had statements that he made to me race through my mind… It is kind of creepy! There is no way I would be prepared for many of the challenges these first few months have brought without the wisdom that he shared with me. He is also is available to me today… priceless.

3. Sundays come FAST!
There is a new pressure in my life. I get to preach every seven days. It is fun, but it requires a lot of preparation. I am learning the value of proper time management and allowing my ministry assistant to help me leverage my time so that I can be adequately prepared on Sunday. I’m committed to expository preaching. This takes time to prepare and honestly has matured me substantially in my own personal walk with Christ.

4. Spiritual Warfare is HOT
I am not someone who sees a demon under every rock, but I do believe we are in a spiritual battle. Spiritual warfare is real. We all love to think about how God has a wonderful plan for our lives, but the reality is that the enemy has a plan as well. His plan is one to destroy our lives. We’ve had to step up our personal prayer lives and learned how to be better prepared for spiritual attacks. Because of this, I have learned the importance of praying for other pastors as they lead and minister.

5. This is a privilege
I cannot believe God allows me to do this. It is the most challenging and rewarding task I have ever experienced. Each Sunday, as I walk to the pulpit, I am overwhelmed with the responsibility and the privilege it is to preach the Gospel of of Jesus Christ.