Worship Music We’re Singing

Like I mentioned in my last post, God is moving in our worship services. Over the past few months, we’ve been intentional to sing songs to God. We call these songs, vertical songs. They are not focused on what is happening around us, but are songs that help us worship God for who He is and what He has done.

Each time we introduce a new song, I’m asked where to find the song. So, instead of just pointing people to Itunes, here are direct links to the song’s we’re singing:

We have sung these recently:

High King of Heaven

Forever Reign

Oh Our Lord

Lay Me Down

This Is Amazing Grace

Waiting Here For You

Christ Is Risen

We will sing these over the next few months: 

Victor’s Crown

Jesus Son of God

Great I Am

God and King

Build Your Kingdom Here

Song of Moses

Revelation Song

No One Higher

Come to the Water

These are great songs to worship all week long! Enjoy!!

1 thought on “Worship Music We’re Singing

  1. Can’t wait to hear Ryan’s version of “Build Your Kingdom Here”! Lainee and I rock out in the car when we hear it on the radio. I may really embarrass my husband with my worship! Can’t wait!

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