Books I’ve Recently Read…

Since graduating from Seminary in December, I’ve finally been able to read books that were not required for a class. Here are a few I’ve read and recommend to you!

1. What God Wants Every Dad to Know – Dr. James Merritt
Honesty, passion, and encouragement fill the pages of this book. Merritt’s authenticity is refreshing as he shares highs and lows from his years of parenting. The book continually points the reader to Scripture for Biblical wisdom and offers encouraging words from a faithful father.

2. The Daniel Plan – Dr. Rick Warren; Dr. Daniel Amen; Dr. Mark Hyman
This book is a great look at getting healthy. It offers a theological foundation, thorough plan, and encouragement to honor the Lord with our health. For those of us who “need” to drop a few, this book is motivating and convicting!

3. Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace – Iain H. Murray
I really enjoyed reading this book! Like any book, there are parts that I differ with Lloyd-Jones (especially some of his understanding of the timing of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) theologically, but I love his passion for preaching and for people to live a Spirit-filled life.

4. Real-Life Discipleship – Jim Putman
Putman sounds an alarm for church leaders to train up disciples in the church. He wrote, “The church is supposed to equip its people (every person) to be an army released on its community.” I’m excited about the disciple-making strategies developing at Apex Baptist!

5. Why Church Buildings Matter – Tim Cool
At our church, Apex Baptist, we are beginning a building campaign to renovate the main level of our facility. Apex Baptist is a wonderful church with a long history. This book has helped me put into words and communicate effectively to the congregation the necessity of updating the church facility. Cool writes a helpful work, but keeps the focus on the Gospel. He wrote, “Church facilities and all the things associated with “story” and “setting” will not save a person from a life of sin and frustration. But the lack of attention to these things can indeed be the road block to reaching those people that need to hear the gospel message the most.”

6. Church Leadership Essentials – Greg Atkinson
This book is made up of 34 short chapters. Atkinson is a pastor and offers tremendous insight from many years of ministry. This book is helpful for pastors just beginning in ministry and can be a resource throughout his ministry when different situations arise.