Hopes for the Congregational Fast at Apex Baptist Church

During the week of August 19-24th our church will be praying and fasting for a spiritual breakthrough in our personal lives and in our church body.  Any one who fasts should consult their doctor before going an extended amount of time without eating.  There are many different types of fasts that members of our church will participate in.

First, some will do what is called a “normal fast.” These people will only drink water and fruit juices during the fast.  Others will do what is called a “partial fast.” This type of fast is when a person only eats fruits and vegetables. Other people will abstain from something other than food for the purpose of prayer.  The goal of any fast is to abstain from something in order to spend time in focused prayer to God.

In his book, The Power of Prayer and Fasting, Dr. Ronnie Floyd offers nine outcomes or results of the congregational fasts that his church has done.  My hope is that God would stir in our hearts and accomplish these same things.

1. Focus – I pray that God delivers great clarity to our congregation.  We are in a wonderful season of ministry and I pray that He allows us to focus on the things that He desires and that we would not be distracted.

2. Wonder – I pray that we get a bigger glimpse of God than we have ever understood before.  I am specifically praying that this would affect the way we worship.

3. Sensitivity – I pray that we will be more in tune and sensitive to the Holy Spirit in our lives. I pray that we will follow where he leads us.

4. Unity – A church wide fast will unify us to accomplish the mission God has for us. I am praying that God brings generations together in unity of purpose and direction through this fast.

5. Growth – I pray that God will grow every person participating spiritually through this week.  I pray that this fast is spiritual fuel that will launch many into a new season of growth.

6. Anticipation – I am praying that this will affect the worship services in that we will come expecting God to speak to our hearts and then respond to Him.

7. Enlargement – I am praying that God enlarges our vision as we pray and fast.  My prayer is that God helps us see the harvest fields ready for harvest.

8. Engagement – I am praying for a renewed engagement in our church.  I am praying God would urge many who are not serving into service.

9. Advancement – I pray that the Gospel will advance across the street and around the world because of this week of prayer and fasting.

1 thought on “Hopes for the Congregational Fast at Apex Baptist Church

  1. I was very nervous about the week of prayer & fasting…I had never fasted for more than 24 hours. But, I knew God was calling me to a fast of only water & juice from Sunday at sundown until Friday at sundown. So, I read the information you gave us on how to prepare, I stocked up on fruits & veggies to juice, and cleared my calendar as much as I could. I was ready…but I had no idea what God was about to do.

    I spent extended time in the Word and prayed fervently through the prayer prompts as well as my personal requests. I cried out to him through breakthrough prayers and He sustained me like I couldn’t have even asked or imagined. He met me right where I was, He answered my prayers and provided much-needed guidance. More than anything, He lit a fire within me to run harder than ever after Him. He put a desire in my heart to know more and draw closer to Him. God didn’t put a period at the end of my fast on Friday…He put a comma.

    Thank you, John Mark, for calling us to this time of prayer & fasting. As a result, God has and is continuing to do amazing things in my life as well as the lives of my family. My mother-in-law called today to say she’s fasting this week for the first time! 🙂


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