Prayer Book List

Yesterday, we kicked off a new teaching series at Apex Baptist Church called Access: Connecting with God in Prayer.  I have had many people ask me for some good books on prayer after yesterday’s services.  Here is a list of books on prayer that I have found extremely helpful in developing my prayer life (which is still a work in progress)

1. A Praying Life – Paul Miller
This book is a great read for anyone wanting to develop their prayer life.  It is simple enough for a beginner but challenging enough for a seasoned veteran of prayer. In this book Miller teaches why to pray as well as how to pray.

2. Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home – Richard J. Foster
When I think of this book, the one word that comes to my mind is clarity. After spending time with Foster, the reader is able to gain great clarity of purpose in prayer and learn about different strategies for effective prayer.

3. Breakthrough Prayer – Jim Cymbala
This book really challenges the reader to pray bold prayers.  We all need breakthroughs in our lives and Cymbala helps the reader understand how to ask God to move on our behalf.

4. Liberating Prayer – Neil T. Anderson
Anderson is a longtime expert in being set free from strongholds and addictions. This book helps the reader understand how to listen to God in prayer. He helps the reader move past the distractions and learn to tune into the voice of God. The chapter on intimacy with God is worth the price of the book.

5. How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life – Gregory R. Frizzel
I was given this book by a faithful prayer warrior. It is a wonderful book that helps anyone get started in developing a life of prayer.  Each chapter is concluded with a discussion guide that is helpful for a group bible study session.

6. The Power of Prayer and Fasting – Ronnie Floyd
Floyd is not writing a book from only his knowledge of a subject, but he is writing from his experience in the disciplines of prayer and fasting.  This book offers reflection questions, a personal guide and corporate guide for prayer.  Before concluding with a prayer and fasting journal, the book records an interview with Floyd that answers very practical questions about prayer and fasting.

7. E.M. Bounds on Prayer
I have “The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer.  It includes eight books he wrote on the subject of prayer.  These works are classic works on prayer.  Anyone serious about prayer should read E.M. Bounds. These books will make you want to be more like Jesus than ever before.

8. Andrew Murray on Prayer
This is another classic work on prayer. The edition that I have contains six books on prayer from Murray. It will take a reader a while to wade through Murray’s excellent thought, but the reader will glean knowledge and passion for knowing God by spending time devouring these works.

9. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life – Donald S. Whitney
I think every serious Christ follower should spend time in this book.  It is great for a young believer and helpful for someone who has walked with God for a long time.  There is only one chapter in this book on prayer, but it is wonderful. The rest of the book is extremely helpful in becoming a fully devoted Christ follower.

10. The Prayer Saturated Church – Cheryl Sacks
This book is important for church leaders desiring to establish a prayer ministry in their church.  It gives very helpful tips and resources to launch a successful prayer ministry.

I hope this helps! I look forward to continuing our study on Prayer at 9:15 and 10:45 this Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Prayer Book List

  1. I’m so happy to see this list posted and love what you’re doing with the new teaching series. I’ve recently been reading a book on prayer, that maybe you’ve read, called “Illuminata” by Marianne Williamson. She has written some very beautiful prayers and blessings – one entitled “A New Day” which I read every single morning. I’m so excited by what you’ve been doing at Apex Baptist and look forward to your future teaching series!

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