Kids’ Praise Sunday

Today was another great day of worship at Apex Baptist Church. We had a special treat in our worship services as 45 of our children led us in worship today. They did such a great job singing! I am thankful to be a part of a church who loves children. I hope and pray that we can continue to reach out to the thousands of young families with children who live in Apex.

I am overwhelmed when I think about all the commitments that were made today by our church family for each of us to reach out to one person who does not know Christ. I met people after both services who wanted prayer for family members that they put in the bucket. There are literally hundreds of names on my desk right now that I will pray over this month as our church is getting serious about reaching out to our neighbors with the message of the Gospel.

The Guest Reception today was PACKED! My wife, Brigitte, and I stayed nearly an hour after service meeting new families. We met people who are just moving into our area and also people who were looking to get back into church after a long time away. Others were looking for a place for their kids to be discipled and one couple just wanted a place they could find some friends. It was very exciting. While I am talking about Guest Reception, I want to say thank you to the senior adult ladies who bake cookies for the Guest Reception each week. They do a wonderful job and are making a difference by creating a warm, welcoming environment for guests to come and ask questions. I believe we have the best cookies at any guest reception anywhere!!!

Finally, tonight I am thankful for the volunteers who jumped into action quickly when we had so many families with preschoolers showed up to put their kids in our preschool ministry. I found out this afternoon that we had 12 new families who came to church each with multiple preschoolers! It is always a great day at church when the preschool ministry coordinator has to raid life group classes for enough volunteers to care for all of the children God has entrusted to us!

I cannot wait to see what God is going to do at our church this fall!

Sunday Reflections

It was another great day at Apex Baptist. I am very thankful for the privilege of being the Pastor of this church. I am very grateful for the love that so many church members have showered on my family during these recent weeks of transition. You have brought meals, given gift cards, helped us learn your names and welcomed us to the community. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As I think back on today, I cannot help but think about all the guests I met in the guest reception area today. One church family brought 3 unchurched families to church with them today. That’s incredible! As I walked through the halls, many other families introduced me to their neighbors and co-workers that they had invited. It is crazy how many people are moving into the area and are looking for a church home. I pray they find their home at Apex Baptist Church.

The 10:45am service was electric. It was very special to be able to dedicate baby Caleb along with his parents, Ken and Jen. Our church is blessed with so many young families and God has given us so many young families in our community. I pray we can be an authentic church and reach out to these children and their parents. I am excited to see how we can pass down the faith in the days ahead.

I am also thankful today for the over 250 people who volunteer each Sunday at our church. Today was a great day and it is incredible to serve along side so many faithful volunteers. Our security/medical team had to fly into action today and did a great job dealing with a medical emergency that happened today in one of our life groups. Every volunteer plays an important role in making Sundays happen. I am thankful to be on a TEAM of people serving Christ and advancing his Gospel.

I am already excited to see what God is going to do next Sunday!

Reflections on a Great Sunday

Wow. That is the only word that I know to describe today.  Today was a wonderful day of worship at Apex Baptist Church.  My favorite memories include:

The excitement was thru the roof!!!  There was an overwhelming buzz all around the church today.  It was thrilling to see so many new friends and reconnect with many of the Pastor Search Team members. The enthusiasm in the room was contagious. I got to visit with each Sr Adult Life Group and was blessed by their encouragement, excitement and support. The children who came up before and after each service to say hello were a lot of fun.  They were giddy to meet their new pastor and it was an honor to meet them and encourage them in their walk with Christ.

The Guest Reception was a huge hit.  I got to meet many families who worshiped at Apex Baptist for the first time today. My wife, Brigitte, and I were able to meet them and encourage them to get connected into a lifegroup.  I hope many of our guests will join us at the Discover Apex class this Wednesday.  I am very thankful for the volunteers who jumped in to help us show the love of Christ to our guests in the Guest Reception.

The Response Time was remarkable.  It was amazing to see so many people respond to step out and be used of God.  In the second service, singing “Mighty to Save” after our prayer time was a memory I will carry with me for a long time.  It was strong! It was believable! It was full of passion and energy. I had a front row seat to watch the congregation worship. It was very cool.

Finally, Brigitte and I spent a couple hours tonight reading cards from over 100 church members.  Each family had taken time to share a little bit about their family, give up a picture, and offer suggestions for everything from places to eat to good family doctors.  One 11 year old girl even told me she wanted to marry Justin Bieber.  The cards are going to be posted in our home office so that we can pray over each family in the days to come.

It was a great first Sunday at Apex Baptist!

It is a privilege to be your Pastor!