New beginnings are exciting, fun, challenging, emotional and sometimes frustrating.  The Harrison family is on a new journey with God these days as we transition from Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville, NC to Apex Baptist Church in Apex, NC. We are very excited about God allow us to be the Lead Pastor of a church, but we will greatly miss the wonderful people of Biltmore Baptist Church.  So with all of this new, why not try a new blog? We’ll see 🙂


3 thoughts on “New

  1. We are so happy for you, John Mark! I know you will be a great lead pastor for Apex! We will miss you, and hope to be able to keep in touch.
    Mike & Christine

  2. As is often the case with the Lord, it was even better than you know. There is a group of 6 here at the law firm who have been following our church’s search and your entry into our hearts. I watched your Sunday July 15th service for the third time Monday morning with the group at my office, all of whom are church members at other churches or do not attend a church regularly.

    They loved the service and it led to a great discussion about how we present in the workplace as representatives of the Lord and how it impacts the ability to participate in growing the Kingdom or unfortunately inhibits that growth.

    One of the things that everyone said was that you are special and have an incredible ability to get the Lord’s message across in a wonderful loving way that is very well received. As a result of the response of these folks to you and your mesage I am going to forward the link to many of my friends and family who live elsewhere so they too can share in our blessing.

    I hope you and your family continue to have a wonderful week this week and ongoing as we all grow together in Christ. It is very exciting!


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